Welcome! For delicious, healthy, piping hot pizza - just turn the dial to 425.

To maintain high quality we consistently evaluate our products to make sure you are getting the best tasting products that are good for both you and the environment. Our commitment to buy from local organic suppliers helps us reduce the environmental impact of the products we sell. We evaluate quality in terms of nutrition, freshness, appearance, and taste. You no longer have to sacrifice quality for convenience.

We are passionate about great tasting food and hope that we can be a part of your enjoyment and sharing of foods with the people in your life. We believe in the benefits of a home cooked meal served at your own table.

"Together, we made it ourselves."

Customers Testimonial
  • "We really enjoyed the pizza! The pizza was fresh, hot and crispy and made my kitchen smell wonderful."Mike C. – Ardmore
  • "I couldn’t believe how crispy the bottom of the pizza got in my home oven, it was perfect!"Hillary W. – Gladwyne
  • "I really enjoyed the butternut squash and chicken pizza, the ingredients were fresh and flavorful. My daughter really enjoyed the activity of preparing the pizza."Meghan D. - Villanova
  • "My kids said it was the best pizza they had ever had!"Marlies L
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